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Upgrade Your Hospital Security With Our Experienced Experts

Monday March 11, 2024

Do you need to improve the security at your hospital?

Dacha SSI introduces security measures which not only protect your patients, staff and visitors, but important medical information and equipment.

One of the most salient features of modern hospitals is access control. Whether you need biometric systems using fingerprints or scanners, or want a system with a card reader, Dacha SSI can help.

We will ensure that access is only granted only to authorised personnel, patients, and visitors.

CCTV is also invaluable in this type of environment. 

Our security experts can ensure  cameras are strategically placed throughout your premises, including entrances, corridors, parking lots, and sensitive areas like emergency rooms, intensive care units and medication storage rooms. CCTV can serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and help in monitoring activities in real-time.

Another crucial feature of hospital security is alarm systems. We can ensure yours are connected to a central monitoring station that alerts security personnel or emergency services when triggered.

Car parks are a key place in hospitals, helping families and friends visit their loved-ones. 

Dacha SSI also introduces perimeter security measures, like fencing, gates, bollards, and barriers to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic. You might also want improved lighting to enhance visibility and deter trespassing or unauthorised access.

We also appreciate that hospitals house valuable assets like medical equipment, medicines and patient records. Secure storage areas, inventory management systems, and asset tracking technologies help safeguard these assets from theft, loss, or unauthorised access.

Find out more about our hospital security solutions. Or drop us a line for more information.