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Trusted Security Solutions For The Education Sector

Monday January 16, 2023

Modern schools not only need to have first-class security for their buildings, but cybersecurity to protect their system against hackers. You not only need to protect students and teachers, but ensure they have an awareness of security threats, both off and online. 

Many schools, colleges and universities have expensive computer equipment which you also need to safeguard.

Popular security solutions for protecting schools and colleges include:

  • Having security installed on the perimetre to ensure that your site is protected in and out of hours. Regular perimetre checks will ensure that nothing goes overlooked. 
  • Access control systems to ensure that certain areas are only accessible by members of staff. This can also ensure that only permitted visitors are allowed to enter your campus. Staff and students might be able to use a card system or biometrics to enter in the morning. 
  • CCTV to guarantee that any criminal activity and incidents between students is recorded. This type of security can also deter criminals from making an attempt in the first place. It can also alert you to instances like fires. 
  • Communication systems to ensure that if anything goes wrong, your staff can easily take action. This might include mobile phones in the classroom or alarm systems with notifications. 

Find out more about our education security solutions or drop us a line for more information.