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The Latest And Best Access Control Systems

Monday February 21, 2022

Whether you need to prevent the theft of equipment and vandalism, or want to improve the safety of your staff, access control systems will make all the difference. Ensuring that only those permitted enter your site is crucial for most businesses, whether you work in healthcare or the industrial sector.

Improving your access management will ensure that only those permitted enter your site. But it also makes it easier to monitor activity levels of different groups.

Benefit from the latest virtual access control.

Whether you want your staff to enter using a biometric system, facial recognition or by using swipe cards, Dacha SSI can help you benefit from the latest technology. Our systems include those which rely on phones, which means that staff can dispose of cards (that are so often lost). You will also find it easier to broadcast urgent information to staff.

Dachs SSI Ltd can also enable you to monitor vehicles and pallets anywhere in the country. This is a great way to minimise the risk of products being lost or damaged on their journey.

Whatever type of workplace you need to protect, we can talk you through the options we have available. We can create a security package that ticks all your boxes.

Find out more about our access control systems or contact our team for more information.