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Tailored Industrial Security Services In The UK

Monday October 16, 2023

Industrial sites can be particularly prone to all kinds of security threats, from theft, vandalism and terrorism to environmental hazards.

Dacha SSI Ltd can provide security packages tailored to your site, location, and the risks you face.

Our range of industrial security services can include introducing fencing round the perimeter of your site. We can also introduce access control systems, including gates, turnstiles, and access cards, to control entry and exit.

Another solution that we often implement is surveillance solutions. 

We can install the latest security cameras throughout the site to monitor and record activities. You can also enjoy video analytics to pick up any untoward behaviour.

Dacha SSI Ltd also offers the latest alarm systems to alert security personnel in case of unauthorised access. Another place to look at an industrial site is at lighting. You want to ensure that any vulnerable areas are well-lit, so that it instantly discourages criminals. We can introduce motion sensor lights in less-frequented areas.Car parks can also benefit from having barriers to unauthorised vehicle access.

Remember that the security measures for industrial sites should be introduced following a risk assessment. This is the first step in determining the appropriate security measures to implement.

Along with carrying out a risk assessment, Dacha SSI Ltd can also carry out regular reviews and updates of security measures to help you adapt to changing threats and conditions.

Find out more about our industrial security services or get in touch for more details.