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Dacha UK Articles

State-Of-The-Art Healthcare Security Solutions

Monday May 16, 2022

Dacha SSI Ltd appreciates how important the healthcare industry is, and how security plays an important role in keeping your premises running smoothly.

Hospitals and other health facilities are often high pressure environments where security threats can interrupt important work. These are also places where expensive technology is used on a daily basis. You want assurance that both your staff and assets are well-protected, especially if your premises are accessible by the public.

Protect your healthcare site from all potential threats.

Whether you need better access management, CCTV or a dedicated control room overlooking your premises, Dacha SSI Ltd offers all these solutions. We provide the latest and best technology for cost-effective security 24-hours a day.

Our clients include hospitals and NHS trusts who have a complex range of issues to contend with. This includes providing excellent security for car parks of all sizes.

When it comes to access control, we can also provide protection for installations like staff lockers which are shared by staff. Dach SSI Ltd can also incorporate a virtual barrier to make sure high risk areas are covered. Meanwhile, our control room is the beating heart of many healthcare facilities in the UK, enabling you to overlook several locations at the same time.

Find out more about our healthcare security solutions or please contact our team for more details.