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Professional And Complete Security Solutions For The Utilities Industry

Monday June 5, 2023

If you need robust security measures for the utilities sector, Dacha SSI Ltd will do everything to safeguard your business. 

Whether it’s a power plant, substation or water treatment plant, these types of premises benefit from physical security. This might include controlled access points, perimeter fencing, CCTV cameras, and security personnel to prevent unauthorised entry.

As with most businesses, it’s also crucial that you have strong cybersecurity measures in place to protect against data breaches and other problems.

Whether it’s physical and online security threats, Dacha SSI Ltd will ensure that you get immediate responses to any problems. We can also put disaster recovery plans in place to minimise downtime and facilitate a swift recovery.

Our experts work with you to develop tailored security strategies.

We work with energy and utilities companies across the UK, including those who have many sites spread over a large geographical area.

Since Dacha SSI Ltd has created our own bespoke analytics suite, we can help customers identify and hone on their perceived threats. Analytics plays an important role in running CCTV systems on those more remote sites.

We can also offer unrivalled control room solutions, with Dacha SSI Ltd ensuring that data reaches monitoring services straight away.

If you’re looking for security solutions for the utilities industry, simply contact our team for more information.