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Our Vigilant Security Services For Industrial Sites

Monday October 3, 2022

Industrial facilities usually have a lot of expensive equipment, materials and fuel. They therefore need the best security available. One of the biggest risks for industrial companies is theft, along with the accompanying financial losses.

If you run this type of business, it’s therefore important to have multi-layered and highly visible security measures.

Want to protect your staff and equipment at your industrial site?

Dacha SSI Ltd regularly helps to safeguard factories, plants and warehouses with our custom solutions. We appreciate that industrial sites require high levels of security, with 24-hour monitoring to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Our team can install technology that both anticipates and captures criminal behaviour.

Our range of industrial security solutions include:

  • The tracking of packages to ensure they get from A to B effectively.
  • Facial and Registration Plate recognition
  • Real-time security notifications you can ensure full security protection for your business.
  • Access control using leading technology that allows only authorised access.
  • CCTV which are designed specifically for the industrial sector.

We can also deliver expert analytics. This is ideal for picking up any unusual activities and capturing threats before they develop.

The industrial sector is just one covered by our dedicated team at Dacha SSI Ltd. In the past we’ve secured a large warehouse the size of six football pitches, so no project is too big!

If you need professional industrial security services, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.