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Monitor Your Business 24-Hours With Cloud CCTV

Monday January 2, 2023

With our tried and tested CCTV systems, your business will never be unobserved. Our solutions include cloud CCTV which can be accessed from anywhere using the internet. 

Whether you wish to check footage using mobile phone, PC or tablet, you’ll enjoy multi-device remote access anywhere in the world.

We’ve worked with many blue chip businesses and high-net-worth private clients, ensuring their security is first-class. Our clients have included police stations, NHS hospitals, MOD sites, universities and much more throughout the UK.

Whatever type of CCTV system you’re after, Dacha SSI Ltd offer a wide variety of options, including cameras which follow an intruder alarm or motion sensor alert.

If you’re keen to improve your security system in 2023, Dacha SSI Ltd works with you to achieve your goals.

No matter if you have issues with vandalism or theft at your workplace, we work with companies in many industries. We always install the latest, state-of-the-art technology to make it easier to monitor and protect your site. 

Cloud CCTV offers many benefits including the fact you have additional backup, have a centralised viewing platform and footage is easy to share.

Safety, security and intelligence are the keystones of our business. Our aim is always to give you and your staff the peace of mind you need to work productively in a stressful environment. 

If you’re looking to get cloud CCTV at your business, simply contact our friendly team for more information.