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Looking For The Best Security Companies For Hospitals In The UK?

Monday January 9, 2023

Hospitals are under enough pressure without having to worry about security. This winter, many medical establishments are dealing with everything from staff strikes to problems caused by increased numbers of patients with flu and Covid.

You want to be able to protect staff and patients 24-hours a day with the utmost ease. Hospitals also need to ensure all their expensive equipment and medications are protected from theft or vandalism. 

Dacha SSI Ltd works with hospitals and healthcare companies across the country who need better security, including NHS trusts. 

We’re always happy to offer a free site survey, during which we’ll carry out a thorough assessment of your current situation. Dacha SSI Ltd provides a range of security solutions, technology and support services that will ensure the safety of your employees and patients.

No matter the size of your hospital, it’s important to avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to security. We will install CCTV and access control systems which keep your site safeguarded at all times. 

We also provide a control room that is the beating heart for many healthcare facilities in the UK. 

This enables you to look at many sites from a central location and use a blend of data from your CCTV, access control systems and alarms to create alarm notifications that your organisation can act upon immediately. 

If you’re looking for security companies for hospitals, contact our friendly team for more information.