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Innovative And Reliable Warehouse Security Systems

Sunday December 11, 2022

From installing CCTV cameras and burglar alarms to access control systems, Dacha SSI Ltd does everything to protect your warehouse. 

Highly experienced, we saved our customers £1.3 million last year through the use of remote innovation, with our partners including IBM, Paxton, Milestone, Axis Communications, Morphean and Gallagher. 

Safeguarding a warehouse involves many key steps, including:

  • protecting the perimeter of your site
  • using inventory management
  • hiring professional surveillance teams
  • having the latest alarm systems installed. 

Companies not only want to prevent intruders from entering, but prevent health and safety incidents from occurring. You also want entry points, parking lots, and the property line to be protected.

Multi-layered security that prevents thefts and vandalism. 

In any warehouse, you’re likely to have large amounts of valuable stock which you need to protect. Dacha SSI Ltd can create an infallible security system that never lets your business down. They’ll include technology which sends you real-time notifications if any incident occurs.

We can also provide technology for the tracking of packages, facial and Registration Plate recognition. Protecting both the inside and outside of your warehouse, we provide full security protection for your business.

Our CCTV systems include those which are designed especially for the industrial sector, including warehouses, factories and plants. 

For more details on our warehouse security systems, simply contact our friendly team today.