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Hunting For The Finest Security Companies For The Healthcare Sector?

Monday October 23, 2023

There are various signs security needs updating at a hospital, but obviously the biggest red flag is repeated incidents where staff or patients are put at risk.

Hospitals are places where you not only need to protect staff and patients, but have to safeguard expensive equipment and medication at numerous locations. Furthermore, car parks are often multi-storied that have large volumes of short stay traffic meaning a lot of vehicular movement 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hospitals are some of the busiest places in the country. Not only that, perhaps no other sector has become under more pressure over the past few years. From Covid pandemic to dealing with tight budgets, there’s enough to contend with without having to worry about security. You need to ensure both your physical security and cybersecurity are top-notch.

With the winter season approaching, it’s vital you have decent security in place during the time when there’s often an influx of patients.

If you’re looking for the best healthcare security companies in and around Hertfordshire, Dacha SSI Ltd.

We have provided security for various NHS trusts and hospitals across the UK. Our team can not only introduce the finest security for your site, including the carparks, but ensure it’s maintained to the highest standards.

Dacha SSI Ltd can provide security that helps deal with often complex issues. Our solutions include Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) to create alerts for your Security Teams to deal with issues as soon as they occur.

If you’re seeking healthcare security companies, simply get in touch for more information.