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How Gantner Lockers are Perfect for the Leisure Sector

Monday April 1, 2024

Do you run a busy fitness club or leisure centre?

Dacha SSI provides a range of solutions for buildings in this industry, including Gantner lockers. These electric locker systems come equipped with electronic locks controlled by RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology. This means your customers will be able to access lockers using RFID cards or wristbands, getting rid of the need for physical keys or coins. This makes life much easier for both them and your business. 

Since these locker systems can be managed using software, you can easily monitor their usage, assign locks to customers and manage access. Better yet, Gantner lockers can be customised to reflect your business: you can change the locker size, colour, and branding to suit the specific needs of your facility.

These electronic locking mechanisms provide enhanced security compared to traditional key-based systems, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorised access.

Gantner lockers can integrate with other facility management systems like membership databases or payment systems for seamless operation.

If you’re after lockers with convenience, security, and efficiency for both you and your customers, they could be the ideal choice. They are just one of the many innovative technology we have available at Dacha SSI, a leading provider of security solutions based in Hertfordshire. 

Find out more about our security solutions for leisure companies. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.