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Enhance Your Security With The Latest Access Control Systems

Monday May 1, 2023

Taking advantage of the latest technological innovations is crucial for future-proofing your business, and your security should be no exception. 

For instance, did you know that artificial intelligence is just one way to help safeguard your commercial premises and alert you to any irregularities?

The sheer amount of choice when it comes to security nowadays can be overwhelming. Whatever changes you’re looking to make, our team would love to talk you through your options. Dacha SSI Ltd can also carry out a thorough assessment of your site and ensure that we build a security package that’s tailored to your requirements.

When it comes to access control, companies need to be protecting both their buildings and any computers their staff are using. If thieves can’t get in at your premises, they often attempt to wage a virtual assault instead.

Our access management services include installing everything from small standalone systems controlled from a single point to large enterprise systems.

Along with access control systems, we also offer analytical solutions such as:

  • Real-time alerts based on the unique challenges and security requirements you face.
  • Notifications so that you’re never left out of the loop.
  • The detection of any anomalies by AI technology.
  • Registration plate recognition.
  • Line crossing which helps you to protect particular areas.
  • The monitoring of the number of people in your building.
  • PPE detection

If you’re looking for the best access control systems, find out more about Dacha SSI Ltd or contact us today.