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Discover The Best Security Solutions For The Leisure Industry

Monday January 29, 2024

If you run busy leisure facilities, the safety of your guests and staff obviously need to come first. 

However, it’s likely you also have expensive equipment to protect. Dacha SSI can provide a comprehensive security package that ensures that nothing is overlooked at your facilities.

Types of security solutions which we supply, install and maintain include:

  • Access Control Systems. These can regulate entry to different areas within your facility. Perhaps you want to  use electronic key card systems or biometric access for those more secure areas. We can help you restrict access to sensitive locations such as control rooms, storage areas, and utility rooms.
  • Surveillance Systems. Our team Install CCTV cameras strategically to monitor entrances, exits, parking lots and other critical areas. Dacha can ensure surveillance covers both indoor and outdoor spaces, including implementing video analytics for real-time monitoring and alerts.
  • Lighting outside to deter any criminal activities. You want to ensure that all areas, especially parking lots and walkways, are well-lit during both operational and non-operational hours.
  • Perimeter Security is another possibility, including fencing, gates, and barriers to control access. We can ensure you use sensors or alarms to detect unauthorised breaches.

Other possibilities include ensuring emergency exits are clearly marked, well-lit and monitored to prevent misuse.

What can I do about asset protection?

If needed, we can implement inventory control systems to monitor and protect valuable assets.

These might include  RFID or other tracking technologies to keep track of high-value items.

Dacha can also introduce a robust visitor management system to track and control guest access. This will make it easy to verify the identity of visitors and issue appropriate identification.

For more information on our security solutions for the leisure industry, simply get in touch today.