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Contact Our Team For Premier Security Systems

Monday December 27, 2021

Dacha SSI Ltd can install a range of security systems to protect your premises. Whether you need better access management, CCTV or analytics, we do everything possible to protect you and your staff, along with your assets.

We can ensure you have exceptional control over your premises and their security. No matter if you work in the healthcare, education or leisure industries, our experts are highly knowledgeable and can advise on the latest solutions.

Our access control systems include small standalone/distributed systems controlled from a single point. We also offer larger enterprise systems and Virtual Access Control to protect property and possessions, along with monitoring activity levels of your staff.

This is a great way to provide feedback and improve the way your business operates. Dacha SSI Ltd can also monitor vehicles and pallets anywhere in the country.

Whether you need car park management, locker management or a better meeting room booking system, Dacha SSI Ltd has got you covered.

Once your new security systems are installed, we can also deliver exceptional servicing and maintenance. We’ve inspected over 6468 devices remotely, with 99% of reactive maintenance SLA achieved.

Dacha SSI Ltd can offer a free assessment of your current situation, so you can have a good idea of how much upgrading your security system will cost. We love helping businesses improve by making the most of the latest

If you’re looking for premier security solutions, find out more about Dacha SSI Ltd or contact our team for more information.