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Choosing The Right CCTV Installation For Your Commercial Business

Monday May 13, 2024

When picking a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system, you might want to look at whether it’s for security, monitoring, or both. 

Dacha SSI install CCTV systems in places with a variety of lighting conditions, areas with more weather exposure, and potential hazards. You will also need to determine how many cameras should be installed and their placement for optimal coverage. This is something which our experts in Hertfordshire can help you with.

There are various different types of cameras available nowadays. 

That includes dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, and specialised cameras for particular purposes like licence plate recognition or facial recognition.

You will also have to decide on what resolution and image quality you need. Higher resolution cameras provide clearer images, which can be crucial for identifying details in recordings. Consider factors like megapixels and whether you need HD or Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

Need surveillance at night or low light conditions?

This is more often than not a requirement for commercial businesses. Dacha SSI can select cameras with infrared (IR) capability or low-light sensitivity for clear imaging in the dark.

We can also help you decide how much footage you need to store and for how long. It’s important to select sufficient storage capacity, and consider whether you need features like motion-based recording to optimise storage usage.

Get remote viewing and access when needed. 

Dacha SSI regularly introduces CCTV systems which allow remote access for viewing live feeds and recorded footage from anywhere with an internet connection. This is crucial for monitoring purposes, especially for businesses with multiple locations.

Other considerations include where you want CCTV to integrate with other security or business systems, like access control or alarm systems.

Dacha will also provide detailed installation and equipment costs before the fitting process. We only ever offer reputable brands known for producing high-quality, reliable CCTV equipment.

Find out more about our commercial CCTV installations. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.