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Benefit From The Latest Healthcare Security Solutions

Monday October 31, 2022

Hospitals and healthcare centres are some of the most important places in the country. They’re also often high-stress environments where you don’t have time to take care of security issues. That’s not to mention the fact you have expensive equipment and medications on-site.

Working with NHS trusts and hospitals, Dacha SSI Ltd makes sure your security systems are first-class and always operating at optimal levels.

From real-time updates from CCTV to the latest access control, Dacha SSI Ltd ensures you benefit from the latest technology.

Our healthcare security solutions include our Control Room, which is the beating heart for many healthcare facilities in the UK. We’re able to look at many sites from a central location, using a mixture of data from CCTV, access control, and intruder alarms.

Dacha SSI Ltd can create alarm notifications that are useful for your organisation to act upon. With regional offices in Bradford, Edinburgh and Belfast, we’re ideal for healthcare organisations throughout the UK.

Trusted and experienced, our security experts are renowned for being knowledgeable and diligent. We ensure nothing is overlooked when it comes to building the ideal security system at your hospital.

Once your security has been installed, we offer ongoing maintenance and repairs when needed.

If you’re seeking healthcare security solutions, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.