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An Experienced Team For Education Security Solutions

Monday October 17, 2022

Need to improve the security at a school, college or university?

Keeping children safe is one of the main priorities of any educational establishment. As busy and communal places, schools need security that gives teachers and parents complete peace of mind.

Working closely with school authorities, Dacha SSI Ltd designs bespoke solutions that deal with all sorts of challenges. We can also carry out regular maintenance to ensure your technology is working at optimal levels.

What kinds of threats do schools face in the modern world?

Nowadays, many schools have expensive technology like laptops and PCs which are vulnerable to thieves, whilst problems like vandalism and graffiti are a big problem in many areas. Cybercrime is also another big problem in the 21st century.

With our educational security solutions, we deal with all possible scenarios and ensure you benefit from the latest analytics. This is a great way to drive down anti-social behaviour and manage car park areas amongst others.

When it comes to colleges, we’ve worked with a range of organisations in the Midlands and elsewhere in the UK. Our team instals the kinds of technologies which add real value to your establishment and work with your IT team to achieve your goals.

Find out more about our education security solutions. Or get in touch to arrange a free site survey today.