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Specialists in Access Control

It is essential to know who comes and goes within your premises. This is not only a security issue but is a legal right.

Dacha SSI provides excellent service in installing a wide range of options for access control in Leicester, from a stand-alone wireless network to a small network base to a huge company system.

We are not only evolving and sustaining some of the most secure sites in the world. To provide as many returns as possible to consumers, we also deal with the latest innovations. There are examples of this type:

Car Park Management 

Assigning parking spaces to workers and guests or warning you when your allocation is complete.

Locker Management

You can allocate lockers to your employees or clients or a group of people as a team. If they need to share resources for a project, giving lockers to teams would be of great help to them.

User Reports

To report on timings and the presence of people, you can use Access Control. Through this framework, you can also alert the management about a concerned person.

Visitor Control

Evaluate your guests precisely and ensure complete agreement. Before the visitor comes to the site, you must make sure that they comply with your location’s regulations.

Meeting Room Booking

Link your meeting room’s availability into your access portal. This platform will help you report back to the authority about its usage.

Mobile Authentication

It seems outdated to provide accessibility card to an approved place because we are affected by enhanced technology. 

People will most likely lose a card than a phone. Even if you lose your mobile, you can use apps for facial recognition to secure your phone.

Besides, this also provides you with the freedom to use the device to relay everything your user wants to know. You can warn them of any possible threats, class cancellation, or a traffic warning in the local region.