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Top 5 Advantages of Commercial Alarm Systems for Businesses

Monday May 10, 2021

Commercial businesses are at high risk of losses. Every year, these businesses lose billions of dollars due to crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, vandalism, and employee theft.

As a business owner, the best way to better protect your business is by investing in a full-proof security system. More advanced commercial systems may cost you some extra money. But they will last for a lifetime, keeping you and your business secured throughout.

Here are the top 5 advantages of commercial alarm systems for businesses.

Crime Prevention

One of the most popular types of commercial alarm systems is CCTV cameras. These go a long way in protecting your business from common crimes such as burglary, theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

The presence of a well-executed CCTV system can make your business look like a tough target. Hence, it will automatically deter any potential criminals. If at all, criminals proceed with their activities and commit the crime, you can access the CCTV footage and easily investigate the whole crime scene.

Controlled Access

Another widely used commercial alarm system is the Access Control System that enhances your business’s overall security. An access control system can deny the entry of potential criminals at the entry point itself, thereby preventing any possible future crimes.

By installing the access control system, you can grant access to authorised people to specific business areas while restricting others. This way, you can also protect sensitive and confidential areas within your business premises.

Prevent Employee Theft

One of the major safety concerns of a business owner is fraud from their own employees. Regardless of business type and size, employee theft is one of the primary causes that could lead to huge losses. Hence, the installation of an alarm system can help prevent such crimes.

Being under constant surveillance means the chances of getting caught is high. This will discourage any worker from performing illegal activities against the business.

Not only that, but employees that are monitored 24/7 will also work more efficiently, thereby increasing employee productivity.

Security for the Security Team

You may have appointed a team of security officers to look after your business premises. But what about their security? As business owners, you know that your employees’ safety comes under your responsibility once they enter the business premises. This includes your security officers too.

Hence, commercial alarm systems can take the weight off your shoulder by acting as a security for your security team. Additionally, commercial alarm systems can further assist your security guards. The monitoring security that sits in the security room can alert on-site guards if they notice any suspicious activities within the business premises.

Resolve Disputes and Claims

Businesses are at risk of unlawful claims. You never know when an employee or customer may come up with complaints against your business. Hence, the presence of security cameras can provide evidence to either confirm or disprove such claims.

Furthermore, security cameras can also help in settling disputes among customers and employees.