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Specialists in Access Control

It is a legal obligation to know who can go through your premises. This issue is not only a security problem but is indeed a requirement.

Dacha SSI has a fair practice in installing a wide range of solutions for you. From a single point operated from a stand-alone distant system to small shared systems to effective firm systems. We have a great experience. 

Not only do we establish and manage some of the country’s most protected sites. We also deal with the latest innovation system to provide as many returns as possible to clients. Examples of this type include:

Car Park Management 

Assigning staff and guests for parking cars and warning you when your allocation is full.

Locker Management

You can assign lockers to members or visitors, or a team using your Access System. Giving lockers to groups of people will help them if they need to share resources for a project.

User Reports

You can use Access Control as part of time management. It can further be used to check the participation of people. You can also warn about a concerned person through this system. 

Visitor Control

Evaluate your guests adequately and ensure complete compliance. Confirm the visitors’ consent about your site regulations before they arrive. 

Meeting Room Booking

Use the availability of your session room by merging it into your access portal. This portal will help report its uses back to the management.

Mobile Authorization

It seems out of date to have a physical access card to a licensed place these days because we are affected by advanced technology. Our phones can be our authorization tool. It will be to our advantage. 

Everyone is also less likely to lose a phone than a card. Further, since phones allow face-recognition, it has more security. 

Besides, mobiles also allow you to transmit anything you need your user to know. You can inform them about any urgent threats, cancellation of classes, or a local area traffic alert.