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CCTV has been playing an important role today because of the increasing rise in crimes. It is a great preventive system and good for security. It also restricts crime.

We can find and install the ideal CCTV system for you. It will meet your required needs and will be beyond your expectations. If you want to install a CCTV, we would always suggest a system that gives you good images. It should provide a good day and night image. It should also allow you to playback anytime with the exact clear picture. This is useful because sometimes you might miss out on some important events and might need to playback them.

We will ensure that you obtain the best possible system that fits your budget. We can help you choose from IP systems or separate CCTV networks and ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition) systems.

CCTV Installation London


Our CCTV systems have the option of connecting to your IT systems. This will help you watch them from your desktop or mobile phone with ease. A central monitoring station can remotely control our CCTV systems. It helps in providing external security. It will also confirm any intruder warning activation, which is a necessity.

CCTV Installation London

We can also provide a fault tracking service with distant monitoring. This will warn you if any of your cameras malfunction while your buildings are safe. We can combine CCTV systems with our access control systems. Thus, a persons’ picture is taken as he enters or leaves the building when a legitimate door signal is activated.

CCTV devices can solve the daunting task of viewing cameras 24/7 conveniently. It is possible to produce an alert or trigger a software output when a preset condition is violated. Analytics may also be a valuable data collection tool. It will help justify additional purchases inside a building. Test data includes queues, customer monitoring, and unused sections of buildings.