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CCTV is a great tool. It is a great preventive mechanism and suitable for protection. It also avoids violence and stops crime. Because of the growing increase in violence, CCTV has been playing a vital role in society.

CCTV systems can easily overcome the overwhelming task of watching cameras 24/7. We can plan the best strategy just for you. It will surpass your standards and also fulfill your desired needs.

We will always recommend a CCTV device that can capture high-quality pictures and recordings if you want to install one. It should include a clear picture of day and night. Since you might often miss certain crucial events, it should also allow you to playback with the same image at any time.

CCTV Installation Cambridge


Our CCTV can also provide a fault tracking service. If any of your cameras fail when your buildings are safe, it will alarm you. With our access control systems, we can also merge CCTV systems. Thus, whenever a door signal is triggered, a picture of the person who is entering or exiting the building is taken.

A central monitoring station can distantly control our CCTV systems. It helps to offer external protection. Any intruder alert activation will also be confirmed, which is a must. There is an alternative for our CCTV systems to connect to your IT systems. This will allow you to watch them with ease from your laptop or cell phone.

CCTV Installation Cambridge

Our CCTV service makes it possible to generate a warning or trigger a program output when a person violates a pre-set condition. Analytics also helps explain extra transactions inside a house as it is a valuable tool for gathering data.

We will ensure that you attain the best possible system that suits your budget. We will help you select between IP systems or different CCTV networks and systems for ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition).